"Angarskie terema" group of companies was founded in 2008, based on a relatively small woodworking manufacture. Since then we have grown into one of the largest manufacturers of machine rounded logs and log homes in Siberia, have our own architectural department, team of crafting masters, customers and partners around the globe.

Our location in central Siberia gives a huge advantage in raw material base. We have direct access to exceptional quality species, some of them grow only locally like Siberian larch (larix sibirica), but renown worldwide for their durability, ecological purity and aesthetics.

Unlike many other local manufacturers, we provide full range of B2B and B2C services related to log houses, from plans and material to logistics and supervising. We always focus on supplying our construction partners with quality designs and building material, right on time, right in place.

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Facts & Numbers

years on the market
team members
happy customers
and partners
of construction material per month

We have our own transport company for arranging deliveries around the globe, solid partnership with customs brokers. We provide all the nesessary sertificates, logistics and customs for our customers. Our homes were exported to China, Korea, India, Germany and other countries.

Our quality control is the most strict amongst local manufacturers, greatly improving our customers overall experience.

We have a great experience on cooperating with construction companies in Russian Federation and abroad, related to log house construction, therefore always welcome new connections from any location on the globe.