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Our 40000 square meters production base is located in Kansk, Krasnoyarsk state. It includes manufacturing streamlines, storage areas, rail freight deadlock.

Main manufacturing line: six log rounding machines output up to 2000 cubic meters of construction material per month.

Each log is rounded with laser precision using dual pass technology, rough pass and finishing pass, leaving geometrically ideal cylinder with smooth surface and excellent texture.

About half of the total amount of manufactured logs go for shipping as is, other half continues to cutting for construction kits.


Three special cutting machines then shape the logs according to home design, outputting a construction ready log house kit. Kits are then packed and prepared for shipping to customers.

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Handcrafting Site

Our homes are being created on a separate production facility, located in Krasnoyarsk suburbs. Two teams of crafters could work on separate projects simultaneously. Crafted homes stay on site until ready to be marked, disassembled and prepared for shipping.

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