Siberian larch flooringSiberian larch (larix sibirica) - tree specie, growing and harvested only in certain regions in central and eastern Siberia, popular worldwide due to its durability, ecological purity and incredible wear resistance.

In addition, larch have excelent resistance to decay, due to resin, contained in its structure, is a natural-antiseptic material. Biological hazards resistance is highest amongst every other tree specie in Russia, almost twice as high as oak.

It have an unusual reddish-yellow hue and a beautiful texture, looks visually attractive and add even more versatility to it's usage. The area of application is great, from flooring to facades of houses, decor of interiors, decor of landscape elements.


For manufacture of profiled Siberian Larch, we use separate facility near Lesosibirsk, as close to quality raw material supply as possible.

Modern equipment and qualified personnel ensure the quality of finished product. We can manufacture a wide range of profiles and sizes, including custom. Our equipment include a 3-way painting machine, allowing to spray finished product with various liquids.

Free capacity of 200 m3 per month is maintained for short term export orders, with 250 m3 of additional capacity reserved for long term contracts.

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Siberian larch flooring


To receive accurate quotes please contact us with required profile, order size and destination.