Siberian larch shingle (schindel) - unique in its properties and popular throughout Europe and Russia, roofing and facade covering.

As we know, "Anything new is a well-forgotten old". Since ancient times, wood has been used as a material for the roofs. In Russian traditional construction, this material was widely used due to its availability, durability and incredible wear resistance.

Modern shingle plates are thicker and thus provide even better characteristics to the roof. It combines all the qualities that we value in the roof, such as reliability, exceptional look, environmental friendliness, small weight and, as a consequence, no need of a massive truss system, noise protection (it extinguishes noises such as rain or wind).


For the manufacture of shingles, we use ecologically clean, local grown Siberian larch (larix sibirica), a unique building material. It's density, and consequently, its strength, is much higher than that of other types of wood.

In addition, larch have excelent resistance to decay, due to resin, contained in its structure, is a natural-antiseptic material. Without any special antiseptic treatment, the roof, made of larch, will serve approximately two times longer than the roof from any other wood species.

And it is beautiful - it has an unusual reddish-yellow hue and a beautiful texture.

Another advantage of shingles is that it is a roofing and facade material where each plate is made by hand and passes almost ten technological operations, each of them carry out constant quality control, starting directly from the selection of sawlog timber (only mature wood is used, with a high density of annual rings, minimum number of knots and other defects).

Each tile is made by splitting the logs by hand, due to which the wood fibers separate without breaking the internal capillary structure of the wood (as opposed to sawing). This prolongs the roofing life and gives each tile an original surface structure.

The area of application is great, from roofs and facades of houses, to arbors, decor of interiors, decor of landscape elements.


Here are the reference EXW prices for Siberian larch shingles in packs, to receive accurate quotes please contact Us.

Length x Width, cm
Lower edge, mm
Higher edge, mm
Price for 1 m2, USD
40 x 10
50 x 10
60 x 12
80 x 12